Security Guard Training

There are many well established and highly reputable companies that will provide you with excellent security guard training. The overall demand for security personal and services is high with more than 1 million privately employed security guards now in existence – far exceeding the number of police officially sworn in.

There are numerous opportunities for employment including working for hotels, banks, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, bars and clubs, large companies/corporations and even for government agencies. Sub-niches also exist such as specializing in things like being a “gaming surveillance officer” where you would be legally licensed to work inside casinos and receive CCTV training.

Other sub-niches would include training to become an armed security guard. This would require you to undergo security guard training in how to keep your weapon safe during a physical attack, self defense and understanding the powers you have and how to use them. While most security guards work unarmed there is a growing trend and demand for properly trained, armed security personal. Entities such as casinos, banks, government buildings and power plants for example mostly employ armed security officers.

The rules and regulations for becoming a professional security guard differ from state to state but most require that you be licensed having completed the necessary training from an accredited training facility. You will need to be at least 18 years of age and pass not only a police background check but also a drugs test.

Training will cover not only field activities but also a fair amount of study to understand topics such as property rights and your power to detain members of the public.

Security Guard Salary

Salaries for security guards will vary a great deal based upon who you work for and the level of training you have undergone. In 2009 official figures showed that average salaries were between $26,000 and $40,000. More specialized security officers such as gaming surveillance officers earned in the higher bracket of between $32,000 and $48,000. Generally, as with most things, the more training you have the easier it will be to find employment and the higher paying positions.

How To Become A Security Guard – “Guard Card” Training

In order to have any chance of getting a job as a security guard you’ll need to have what’s commonly referred to as a “guard card”. Formally this is called a “security guard license”. The law in most states says that you cannot be hired by a company without one.

The amount of training necessary in order to get licensed varies. In some states it can be done, at a minimum level, with just 1 day of instruction from a recognized security guard school. Any reputable school will know the application process and the legal requirements thoroughly so go by what they say when you contact them. Even in the few states where training is not a legal requirement most employers will still expect to see that you have undergone some form of training before they’ll hire you.

While most security guard training centers will provide you with a great deal of essential training it must be said that the real training will begin once you start work on patrol for real. Try to learn from more experienced colleagues and follow their lead until you have built up some experience of your own. When people ask “how do you become a security guard?” This is probably the most effective way.

While your responsibilities will differ from one working environment to the next you will certainly need a thorough understanding of all security guard duties. Most emergencies can be lessened through adequate preparation. Simple things such as knowing who to contact in event of “x” or “y” happening is one crucial point. Don’t think it’s the responsibilities of others to tell you this – ask them yourself and get the information. Different situations will require you to contact different people.

99.5% of your days will undoubtedly be very normal however as we all know “you can never tell” what will happen from one day to the next. Do you understand what to do if the elevator alarm goes off? What about crowd control in the event of a bomb scare? Good quality security guard classes should prepare you for these eventualities no matter how remote they may at first sound.

One of the most important aspects that comes with any position of power is how you behave and conduct yourself. Your training will teach you exactly where the lines are drawn and which ones you cannot cross when dealing with the public.

Security Officer Training Courses And Schools

Here’s an example of the kind of process you could be asked to go through if you were undergoing security guard training in NYC also know as an NYS security guard license.

  • Complete and 8 hour pre-assignment training course. This is is a pre-requisite before applying for a Security Guard Registration Card.
  • 16 hours of on-site training which must be taken within the first 90 days of you starting the job
  • Every year you’ll be required to complete an Annual In-service Training Course for Security Guards totally a further 8 hours.

Armed Security Guard Training

Before applying to be an armed security guard you must already have a valid pistol license and have completed the relevant firearms training course applicable to the state. This is a pre-requisite for getting a Special Armed Guard Registration Card. Armed security guards must also complete the 8 Hour Annual In-service Training Course for Armed Security Guards.